Business-in-a-BOX is an exciting new opportunity for retailers for various reasons. Of course having a portable retail store will aid in increased sales but it also has several other benefits including market testing and brand awareness with press and consumers.

Business-in-a-BOX allows retailers to try out locations before settling into a permanent location and gives Internet retailers the opportunity to pop-up at public events to garner public attention. Business-in-a-BOX is a great way to boost sales around holidays and is a great way to showcase sale items.

Business-in-a-BOX also allows retailers to feature exclusive products for a limited time. With the ability to price compare and order products online, consumers are not as apt to purchase on the spot but a pop-up retail store creates scarcity for items as people know that the store is temporary. This scarcity will urge customers to buy while they can.

There are many great applications for Business-in-a-BOX and with it the possibilities of how to excite customers are endless. Anything from clothing and shoes, to electronics and even food can be showcased in a pop-up store. Entertainers can even use one as a stage by day and sleeping quarters by night. We are excited to work with other companies to see what creative ideas we can come up with together.